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The Equine Historian

M.A. Equine History, Colorado State


In the summer of 2020, I embarked on a journey to go back to school and explore my horse passion through a different lens, that is through the lens of History. In May 2022 I graduated with my second bachelor's degree in History, and in May 2024 I will be graduating with my Masters in Equine History. 


Marrying my two passions, history and horses, I have been able to stretch and grow in the academic world while being able to use my 30 years as an equestrian to my advantage. 


My research focuses on how horses and humans shape each other throughout history, and some of my recent work has focused specifically on the Colorado Quarter Horse, "The History of the Colorado Quarter Horse: How Environment Shaped America’s Most Versatile Horse," and on the importation of European horses to the American West, "American Riders, German Horses: How Cultural and Environmental Assumptions Shape Dressage Horses in Colorado."




Colorado State University

Masters of the Arts, Equine History


Colorado State University

Second Bachelor of the Arts, History


Bachelor of the Arts, Speech Communication, Media Studies

Colorado State University

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